Thursday, August 30, 2007

June 2007 NLE Board Passers

I have the links here where you can find the list of June 2007 NLE Board Passers

Oath Taking will be held before the board on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 8:00 AM for surnames starting with A-J and 1:00 PM for surnames starting with K-Z at the ARANETA COLISEUM, Araneta Center, Cubao, QC. All must come in their White Gala Uniform, Nurses cap, White Shoes, without earings, hair not touching the collar and without corsage.

Tickets are now available at the Ground Floor of the PRC main Bldg, Sampaloc Manila.


Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today's a memorable one...

Since it's weekend, my sis and I went to Serendra at Market! Market!... I always pass by the place every time I go to Paranaque via C5 but this was my first time to go inside it. She brought me to Conti's where the Cakes are good. I ordered Mango Bravo. Ang sarap lolah! Plus the price is only P85 but per slice is good for 2 persons already. Whew! Two thumbs up for that!!!

Ok this is the real story, as we stroll around the mall my mom called and wants us to go home right away coz she wants to eat at Barrio Fiesta for the Mirienda Buffet (starts at 3 pm). As usual we have to drive for her. She said she has to go back home right away so she can watch the interview of Ylmas and Ruffa (give me a break!!!) that starts at 4pm. It was already 2:45 at that time and we have to travel about 30-45 mins to pick her up. That means we have to hurry so I told my sis I'll dive the car since I drive faster than her. Unfortunately, we don't know the route going back to C5. We just followed the Jeep, drove around the mall and then finally I saw the sign "C5". That was a relief, we were at C5 already when we realized that we are going to Paranaque (we're suppose to be on the opposite side). We stopped at a Gasoline Station and asked where to take the U-turn... In short we were able to see the U-turn. This is where the story started, since I'm in a hurry to pick up mom, I don't have much patience on any vehicle that would block my way. There was a little traffic jam before the the U-turn slot and a tricycle suddenly cut me out eh ayaw ko nga magpasingit!!!. SA init ng ulo ko binusinahan ko sya and I didn't stop until I got his attention. He stopped in front of me and gave me a look then went on. When I got the chance to overtake him, He drove faster till he reached me and then I heard a loud noise coming from my side. I know he hit the car... INTENTIONALLY!!!... I slowed down a bit and looked at him then the person I though was his passenger was laughing with the driver. I got scared!!! I didn't stop to see if my car was damaged although my sister was shouting at me to stop. I know they could harm us. I just told my sister don't worry about the damage, I'll fix it blah! blah! blah!...It's more dangerous if we'll stop coz they might do something to us since we're both girls. We were talking about it til we reached home. She said she wants to see the car right away coz she has a feeling the damage is big... After parking, we both checked the car and BULAGA!!!! Mom saw us and said" nagasgasan kayo no?!" but to our surprise there was no Damage/Scratch at all. I don't know what happened maybe a miracle but I swear binangga nya kami. It was a big relief though!!!

***Well! My mom changed her mind, don't wanna go to Barrio Fiesta anymore! Sigh! I was in great relief that I don't have to spend money to fix the car. We ended up watching The Buzz for the Ylmaz-Ruffa Interview (Yikes!!!)...

Whatta day!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Wow! This is the first time I'll be posting my blog here. I've created this on Nov 2005 and since then I haven't posted anything. Eww!... Anyway, I'm also blogging at Friendster and as a start I'll post some of my blogs from there. ONLY SOME. The ones I like only... By the way, you might be asking what's this blog for? In my Friendster Blog I wrote "These are my thoughts... mga sariling opinion at kuro-kuro tungkol sa mga bagay-bagay at buhay-buhay". This is just the same thing. Aside from that I would also like to share with you some of the scrapbook pages I've made. Comments are welcome as long as it contributes to the wellness of my craft.

I will be updating this every now and then as long as my time allows it. You are all welcome here especially those who share the same interest like scrapbooking. Adjah!!!