Saturday, December 8, 2007

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This is why I didn't blog for 5 days, I'm busy doing my mom's scrapbook as a gift for her bday on the 24th. I have mentioned from my previous blog that we are planning for a surprise party that will be held on the 23rd and we are now busy organizing it. I'm in a rush to finish the scrapbook. Actually I've printed out some of the pages I've made including the invitation card. Only me my sis and my dad know this. I've contacted a very good friend of mine who hosted my wedding to help us out with the gimmicks to make it very memorable for my mom. She's also a party planner and a singer that's why she can be of big help.

We're done with the food tasting last Dec 1. It was really good and the price as well. A buffet with 16 native and Asian dishes, with appetizer station, Mongolian bar, Garden and native salad, assortment of pickled fruits and veggies, halo-halo bar, desserts and bottomless drinks.

We have ordered the cake this afternoon, at least 2 weeks earlier because we know that there'll be lots of occasions for Christmas and we wanna make sure that we order it ahead of time.
I've seen this picture from the Internet and showed it to the cake decorator but it will not be exactly as this one. We decided to make it round with only 3 layers instead of 4 and the colors will follow the motif which is Red and Gold (RED symbolizes Love and GOLD for Blessings). Gold is also the favorite color of our mom.

We are also planning to distribute the invites next week making sure that nobody will leak it to my mom.

By the way, These are some of the scrap pages I've made

Background- Tropical mini kit by lsmdigital works
Patch- Modern and Natural Kit by lsmdigital works
Hay bale, Mat Flower, Doodle and Ribbon- Thanksgiving collection by Debbie and Laura
Flowers- Sunny day Collection by Nayyancita
Gold Torn Inked- Colorful Memories by Debbie and Laura

All designs are freebies at ScrapbookFlair Designer Collection

Designs- Fantasie d'aile minikit by Kim Liddiard
Page turn- Sunny day Collection by Nayyancita
Autumn Leaf- Color of Autumn by Pelin
Mocha Flower- My Mocha mini kit by LorieM designs
Flower- Brown Bag Mini kit by LorieM designs
Sunflower- Flourish collection by Monja
Vintage Flower- Vintage collection by Nayyancita
Ribbons- Vintage Collection by Nayyancita
- Thanksgiving collection by Debbie and Laura
Gold Scroll- Wedding Memories by Pelin

Background and Red Flower- Vintage collection by Nayyancita
Wood Frame- Colorful Memories by Debbie and Laura
Sunflower- Flourish Collection by Monja
Mocha Flower- Mocha mini kit by LorieM designs
Corner- Wedding Memories by Pelin
Film Strip and Tag- Welcome Kit from Digital Scrapbook Place

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