Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you can't beat 'em, BURN 'em!

What prompted me to lose weight was when most of my clothes doesn't fit me anymore. When one of my friends got married last year, I spent 2 weeks going back and forth to the mall just to look for the perfect dress. I was so frustrated that I ended up using my old dress. I know that I have to do something. So I joined Fitness First with the hope that I could bring back my old shape. Well, I didn't fail! For the first 3 months, the result was really significant and satisfactory. I've gradually lost a total of 8 lbs which is about 0.70 lbs/week.


NO DIET PLEASE! Eating is my passion and dieting has no appeal to me. When I started my fitness program, I was advised to eat every 2-3 hours ( small frequent feeding) which is good for me. This is to increase my metabolism. When I started working out, I noticed that I'm actually eating more than before. I indulge myself to my cravings and eat anything I want. The only thing is that I have to burn those calories after ha!ha!ha! Well, it's better that way than to eat a lot and not burn them.

My Program
You might be wondering what kind of program I'm into. Here it is.
20 mins- treadmill
1 hr - cycling (this is the ultimate calorie killer coz it burns 400-900 calories per
session depending on your effort)
1 hr - weight lifting known as the body pump ( the best way to shape up... burns 200 calorie per session)

I do this 4-5 times a week and yes this is how sincere I am.

The result is losing weight of not lesst han 0.50 lbs a week. Plus a sense of happiness every after session. Our body releases a happy hormone known as endorphin especially during enjoyable exercise. It relieves depression, brings sweet sleep and is the most powerful single factor in maintaining optimum health. As a rule, happy people have better than average health.

What an ecstatic feeling after!