Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's blame the Hormones!

I saw this line from one of my kabl@gs and I thought it's a nice title for this post haha!!!

Let's face it! Sometimes we have so many issues that we can't solve. For the past weeks I've been facing some difficulties that involves my emotions leading to depression and confusion. I guess I'm just in need of comfort when I go ballistic and I can't find anyone who would calm me. Sigh.

So I called bossing (my husband) and asked for a comforting wisdom and advice. It's a good thing that he understands me so much, giving me comfort and love. Secrets aren't in our vocabulary. We are partners, we are friends... That makes me very open to him... That makes me love him more. He has his own way of explaining things to me. Making me see every situations in different perspectives.

Anyway, since I've overcomed my sleepless nights and my hormones has come to stability. Bossing gave me the perfect reason to be happy. He says I might be preggy this year so we have to take our vacation in Palawan to the fullest *_*... I've been dying to go to there but it didn't push through last summer. I guess it will now.


Sigh. Don't you think it's the hormones that makes me go insane sometimes?.. Let's blame it anyway! My PMS has come to pass! wink*

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