Sunday, February 15, 2009

Age matters...

I had a post valentine date with my friends today. We hardly see each other because of busy schedules. Anyway, one of them is getting married soon and I got curious of the her fiance's age. It was then that we realized how old we are now. She said " Nasa thermometer pa naman yung age natin ah ". I laughed because I only know about the calendar thing. I asked her what if our age weren't in thermometer anymore? She thought about it and said " E di tape measure!"... hahahaha!!!! I'll never forget that.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I tried to open my email today but my password didn't work. I did it for 5 times but still invalid. I got alarmed that someone might have changed it. With the high technology and advance knowledge nowadays, everything is possible. I clicked the forgot password and I was assisted to create a new password but before that, I have to answer one security question that I have filled up 8 years ago. Of course I forgot the answer already, but after 3 attempts, I finally got the correct one. Now, I have a new password but I'm still wondering about what happened. Sigh!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life's lesson: Self-Control

I don't have much of self control when I was still young. When I'm mad, I'm mad. If I want something, I must get it. I'd do and say what I want without even thinking. I've done lots of mistakes in the past and when I get hurt or frustrated I would end up asking why it happened or why can't I have it. But things have changed now, I have mastered the art of self control.

They said we really have no control of what happens to us. Example, We can't stop the car from breaking down, we can't stop the rain, we can't stop people from making mistake, we can't stop people from making judgement...

Most of our mistakes comes from our lack of self control and most of the time we also regret for not having so. If I get frustrated for not having what I want or not getting the reactions I'm expecting from other people, I just accept the fact that these are uncontrollable. I could only control myself and on how I would react wisely and maturely. It makes my life easier by doing so!

Monday, February 2, 2009


This is the problem when a person knows a lot of things. Me having a background in medicine and a nurse at the same time, knows a lot of knowledge about diseases. I tend to be hypochondriac sometimes.

One time, my left eye got irritated from my contact lens and because I don't usually bring my solutions every time I go out, I didn't remove it. My eye suffered for about 1 hour. Stupid me for letting it to happen! Whew! I took it out immediately when I reached home and then I noticed an abnormality in my sight. My left eye can see halos around lights. I thought I just need to rest it so I slept for 2 hours. When I wake up, my sight is still the same and that made me panicked! That was the first time! And it was so sudden! I didn't mention that I also have a headache that time and it made the situation worst. A lot of things are coming into my head. Do I have Glaucoma knowing I have a headache? Did I injure my eye? Am I going to be blind? If not, will the halos be permanent? Am I having retinal detachment?

I called my friend who's an optometrist and consulted about it. I was in panic that my hands were shaking. She tried to comfort me by saying that it's not glaucoma or retinal detachment but I need to consult an ophthalmologist if possible to know what went wrong. She suspected it as corneal edema. I wasn't convinced and so I called another friend of mine who is also a Doctor and luckily her brother-in-law is an ophthalmologist. I consulted over the phone and he said the same thing. Because of the irritation form my contact lens, my cornea became edematous attracting water which explains the halos that I can see around lights. I just have to rest it and hopefully my eyesight would go back to normal the next day. I felt relieved and convinced at last. To make it short, I slept early that night and my eyesight went back to normal the next day.


Because of too much tension, my headache worsen that night and resulted to nausea and vomiting.

I didn't check my Blood Pressure because I would just worry more.

The next day I told my two friends about the good news.

The most important is I've learned my lesson...

From then on I always bring my lens container with the solution.


Hypochondriasis manifests in various ways. Some people have numerous intrusive thoughts and physical sensations that push them to check with family, friends and physicians. Other people are so afraid of any reminder of illness that they will avoid medical professionals for a seemingly minor problem, sometimes to the point of becoming neglectful of their health when a serious condition may exist and go undiagnosed. Yet, some others live in despair and depression, certain that they have a life-threatening disease and no physician can help them, considering the disease as a punishment for past misdeeds.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeling low

I woke up today with a beautiful morning. The weather is good, the sun's reflection from my window's curtain gave my room a bright glow. But these things didn't succeed in making me high. I feel low today. I don't have the energy, I wonder if my cycle has something to do with this again. Hmmm...

This is one of the days that I'm missing bossing.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kiong Hee Huat Chai!

In English, Happy Happy New Year!

It's the year of the Ox and according to Feng Shui experts, those who were born under the Dragon year are the luckiest. I'm one of them! Fortunately, 2009 will be overall a more auspicious year for us with the very lucky #8 star, luck looks to be even more generous, wealth will be the theme and fortune look robust this year. I'm just so happy to know this. It gives me a sense of inspiration and courage to work harder but of course I also believe that we should not forget to ask God's guidance and blessings for all our plans because it is truly Him who can give us a good life and blessed future. HE is the only one who can really tell what's in store for us this year! 'ayt?!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I found my old watch in my closet today. My dad gave it to me long time ago. I have kept it for years but wear it only a few times. It is a Swiss, Raymond Weil watch. I've never valued it until I found out that it's really expensive. Whew! It's not working anymore so I thought I need to replace the battery with the new one. I went to the mall to have it repaired only to find out that the circuit (w/c the repair man refers to) is also broken. The cost of the battery is only P300 but the circuit repair is P1,500. What a price!!! A woman who is also there asked, "Bakit yung sa akin 300 lang, yun kanya mahal?" The repair man smiled and answered, " Swiss watch po kasi yun sa kanya " Having a second thought about the repair, I took my watch and left the place. Blaming myself for being careless. Hayayay!

Later on I've realized its sentimental value and even if I could buy a new watch that costs P1,800, I'd still want it repaired.


Upon searching on the internet, I found out that there are only four official retailers of Raymond Weil Luxury watches here in the Philippines. The nearest from my place is in Megamall. The name of the store is Chronos. I might go there next time to inquire about the repair.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If you can't beat 'em, BURN 'em!

What prompted me to lose weight was when most of my clothes doesn't fit me anymore. When one of my friends got married last year, I spent 2 weeks going back and forth to the mall just to look for the perfect dress. I was so frustrated that I ended up using my old dress. I know that I have to do something. So I joined Fitness First with the hope that I could bring back my old shape. Well, I didn't fail! For the first 3 months, the result was really significant and satisfactory. I've gradually lost a total of 8 lbs which is about 0.70 lbs/week.


NO DIET PLEASE! Eating is my passion and dieting has no appeal to me. When I started my fitness program, I was advised to eat every 2-3 hours ( small frequent feeding) which is good for me. This is to increase my metabolism. When I started working out, I noticed that I'm actually eating more than before. I indulge myself to my cravings and eat anything I want. The only thing is that I have to burn those calories after ha!ha!ha! Well, it's better that way than to eat a lot and not burn them.

My Program
You might be wondering what kind of program I'm into. Here it is.
20 mins- treadmill
1 hr - cycling (this is the ultimate calorie killer coz it burns 400-900 calories per
session depending on your effort)
1 hr - weight lifting known as the body pump ( the best way to shape up... burns 200 calorie per session)

I do this 4-5 times a week and yes this is how sincere I am.

The result is losing weight of not lesst han 0.50 lbs a week. Plus a sense of happiness every after session. Our body releases a happy hormone known as endorphin especially during enjoyable exercise. It relieves depression, brings sweet sleep and is the most powerful single factor in maintaining optimum health. As a rule, happy people have better than average health.

What an ecstatic feeling after!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's blame the Hormones!

I saw this line from one of my kabl@gs and I thought it's a nice title for this post haha!!!

Let's face it! Sometimes we have so many issues that we can't solve. For the past weeks I've been facing some difficulties that involves my emotions leading to depression and confusion. I guess I'm just in need of comfort when I go ballistic and I can't find anyone who would calm me. Sigh.

So I called bossing (my husband) and asked for a comforting wisdom and advice. It's a good thing that he understands me so much, giving me comfort and love. Secrets aren't in our vocabulary. We are partners, we are friends... That makes me very open to him... That makes me love him more. He has his own way of explaining things to me. Making me see every situations in different perspectives.

Anyway, since I've overcomed my sleepless nights and my hormones has come to stability. Bossing gave me the perfect reason to be happy. He says I might be preggy this year so we have to take our vacation in Palawan to the fullest *_*... I've been dying to go to there but it didn't push through last summer. I guess it will now.


Sigh. Don't you think it's the hormones that makes me go insane sometimes?.. Let's blame it anyway! My PMS has come to pass! wink*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm back!

I'm glad that I can write my entry today using my free time. I know I haven't blog for a very long time and because of that my statistics went down. I'm sorry for not doing the tags but I promise to do them this week whenever I have time. Anyway, I started my new job 2 weeks ago and I'm still adjusting that's why I didn't blog for 2 long weeks. I know that not updating one's blog is a sin because aside from the fact that you lose your visitors, your rank may also suffer. This is one reason why I'm still having second thought about getting my own domain. I may not be able to update it all the time. Anyway, I promise to make it up especially to my kabl@gs who tagged me. And to the visitors who posted their comments to my last post. Pop Ups No More, THANK YOU!!!