Saturday, March 1, 2008

Palace in denial

After the ZTE deal controversy erupted, Malacanang has come out swinging against the involvement of FG and some government officials in the attempted bribery of the said project. Statements from Arroyo's supporters opposes each other as they give their own stories and explanations about the allegation.

Are the President’s men arguing reasonably?

In a radio interview of Pres. Arroyo last week, she admitted that she knew about the problem before signing the contract for the NBN-ZTE project but because of the very short notice she cannot cancel it right away. She didn't mention what the problem was and it's only when Secretary Golez made a slip of the tongue that there had been an attempted bribery. Contradicting to Ermita's previous statement that there's no problem with the project.

The insinuation that the Palace is in denial led the people to shout and fight for the truth. This is the reason why people are making noises through rallies. We want the truth and as long as the government ignores this issue, and keep those government officials involved to testify about their knowledge especially Sec. Romulo Neri, this will never be put to rest.


Neri holds key information on the ZTE deal because the proposals for the NBN project were reviewed by NEDA during his term. On September 5, Neri was reported to have been offered P200-million bribe to support the NBN project with ZTE.

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