Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm your private dancer

Me and my sister are planning for a Surprise Birthday Party for my mom. We're lucky to get the date that we wanted because we did an early booking for December. We are also planning for a ballroom dancing since most of our guests are oldies. Me and my sister aren't good at it that's why we're planning to get a DI to teach us the Chacha, the Swing etc... hmmmm


- Plan as early as possible. You should have at least an approximate number of guests and a date for the event.

- Look for a Venue 2-3 mos before the event. If you want to do it at your place there's no need to worry plus it's much cheaper but if you want to do it in a restaurant or hotels then you should start finding one as Early as possible because there will be lots of events for December and most of the party venues are already booked.

- Schedule you Food Tasting
Make your Program

- Invite your guest and ask for confirmation.
Everything should be final 2-3 weeks before the event

*** FOOD is very important in any parties. A buffet or an Eat-all-you can Restaurant is better to satisfy your guests.

*** CAKE is also an attraction. It's better if you suggest your own design and type of Cake then ask the bakeshop of your choice to do it for you.

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