Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's happening?


I slept late last night watching news about the Batasan Blast. Whew! What's happening to us? Few weeks ago it was Glorietta now it's Batasan Pambansa where Congress sessions are held. Sometimes I'm thinking that there isn't really a safe place to go today. Bomb Threats are everywhere especially now that Christmas is coming. This really affects the image of our nation to other countries. A sad story especially to those who were affected by the tragedy, and to the families who have lost their loved ones.

No Remittance Issue

Before All Soul's Day I've received several emails about the NO REMITTANCE POLICY of the OFW on Now. 1 and 2. They called to all OFWs not to send money here in the Phil during those dates to see if it will affect the Dollar Rate that is going down tremendously. Sad to say that the effect was nothing...

I remember the first time I received money from my husband (a US resident)---2 years ago--- the rate of Dollar to Peso was 56:1. Now it dropped to 43 and some even say that it may reach as low as 39 on December due to large remittances during this season. Commodities are getting high but the remittances are getting low. How can survival be possible for families who are dependent to their loved ones working abroad if the money they are receiving is decreasing? What more to those who are just working here? No wonder why rallies are everywhere... People are always trying to reach out for their sentiments but the government pays no attention to it.

What's happening nowadays? Things are just getting worst...

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