Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ang Prinsipyo ng 90/10

Have you ever encountered someone who has an attitude of "ang kapintasan sa'yo, ang papuri sa 'kin"? Someone who's tactless and doesn't even care if he's offending you already? Someone who's RUDE?... It's so hard to deal with a person like this. Bakit ba may ganitong tao? Feeling perfect pero hindi naman. Sometimes you just want to slap his face or hit him hard para magising and say "hey!!! Does it hurt? Kailangan mo yan para magising ka!!!". O kaya naman patulan mo na lang at barahin mo para makaganti ka at kung minsan kapag sya ang ginanun mo pikon din pala.

By the way, why am I saying this?
Kasi I know one person na ganyan. She's so mean... rude... and feeling perfect. I don't really like her but despite my hatred towards her I'm still trying to be nice. Sometimes i'm thinking what if I confront her pero wag na lang kasi kawawa sya kapag ginawa ko yun eh. I'm sure mapapahiya sya. How would I deal with someone like her? Hindi mo naman maiiwasan kasi magkikita't magkikita rin kayo eh...

Do you know the 90/10 principle?

10% of your life is made up of what happens to you
90% of your life is how you react

So first, bago ko sya patulan Inisip ko muna kung ano ba ang pagkatao nya. Una, wala syang pinag-aralan ako meron (buti na lang!!!)... pangalawa, wala syang breeding ako meron (buti na lang talaga!!!)... pangatlo, hindi sya marunong mag-isip so bakit mo papatulan? BUT will you just tolarate her to insult you? Of course not...

Applying the 90/10 principle...

They said we really have no control of what happens to us. Example, We can't stop the car from breaking down, we can't stop the rain, we can't stop people from making mistake, we can't stop people from making judgement. We have no control over this 10%. The 90% is different because you can determine it.

By your reaction and you have contol over this.

One time I'm talking to one of our chapter head in SFC and he told me that we can't control other people but we can control ourselves, our emotions, reactions and judgements... What am I pointing here? If you are dealing with someone who's hard to deal with think of the reasons why he's acting that way and by knowing that, you'll understand him better (according to Bo Sanchez).

Now, regarding my question earlier if you'll just allow/tolerate him to insult/offend you?
I said NO, Do not allow it. Minsan kailangang batukan or sampalin ang mga taong ganyan para magising (not literally mga kapatid!!!). Syempre kung ako ang ginaganun simple lang ang mga salita ko pero i'll make sure na tatamaan sya para magising with matching SMILE... Sarcastic? Maybe sometimes you need to do that kung manhid yung tao and to let her know that she's offending you already... Proviking? I don't think so dahil naka SMILE ka naman diba? hehehehe!!! So kung magalit sya... TALO SYA!!! Pinatulan ko ba? HINDI ginising ko lang to let her know that nobody is perfect, she is not perfect and she can't cover up her flaws by other people's imperfection. Mas lalong nakikita yun kung ganun ang gagawin nya at baka mas lalo syang masaktan kapag nalaman nyang mas better yung taong pinipintasan nya kesa sa kanya. As I try to understand her more, I've found out na Insecure sya kaya sya ganun. Hindi talaga dapat patulan.I'm able to control myself kasi ganun na talaga sya eh. What I have learned from this is that I've learned to appreciate myself more and I'm so lucky I'm not like her.Thanks to her...

B-I-T-C-H means

Babe In Total Control of Herself!!!... ADJA!!!

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YETTE said...

hello! just dropping by...

you know, i am someone always easily affected by people around me. i am very sensitive kasi. i would always dwell on such events and would play and replay them in my mind. eventually, as I matured, I realized that the only person I was torturing was myself. i learned to slowly let go of such things, to try my best to push them out of my mind so that when I sleep at night, I would be at peace with myself. it was not easy because i know who I am and i know I'm an emotional person but i find that it is healthier for me to just let things go especially when I have no control over them. Bahala na ang Diyos and I know He will always be there to watch over me.

so cheer up! =D

Lorie said...

I know yette, This is what I'm pointing out here. We cannot control other people, we can only control ourselves. It's up to us how we handle every situation

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, congrats for winning the 1st round..voted for you! ako ang pang 7 and you are on the lead...haja-haja fighting!

poohgirlMD said...

this is so true and I totally agree with your point of view. I find it hard to deal with persons like this pero like you said, why stoop down to their level? wag na patulan diba? although it's so hard kasi sometimes you want to fight back kasi na-hurt ka, but I still think that it would be much better na lang to let go and let God do the rest! :)

cheh said...

The best thing you can do about this kind of creature? hehe is nothing.Simply ignore her! she'll hate it hehe

Ana said...

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