Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday while browsing the Internet, I've discovered a way of increasing my web traffic in my blog. Have you heard of Entrecard? I have noticed that not all of my blog links here has it and maybe because nobody has told them about it. Entrecard is a free exchange network wherein you can advertise your own 125x125 ads on any blog in the network using Entrecard credits for a number of days. In other words, sites can be promoted for free. You just have to earn credits by
1. Networking like dropping your card for other bloggers
2. or if Someone dropped a card to your entrecard widget on your site
3. or Someone advertises on your widget.

These credits will be used as a payment for the advertisement of your Entrecard on other people's widgets. Isn't this a great way of increasing web traffic?

If you want more details visit Entrecard and pls don't forget to drop a card on my widget after you have signed up!

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