Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Party was a Success

Hi Everyone I'm Back! Happy New Year!!!

Anyway, my mom's party last Dec 26, 2007 was a success. I've mentioned from my previous blog that we have scheduled it on Dec 23 but because my mom got some hints we proceeded with our Plan B which is moving it to the 26Th 2 days prior to the event. We informed all our guests that the party was moved to Dec 26, same time and place 1 day prior to Dec 23. It was really a very short notice but everyone agreed to it and promised to attend.


Since my dad haven't been to the place yet, we went to the venue early morning to show him how to get there. All my mom knows was we're gonna check the car's speedometer for our out of town trip the next day. This time she doesn't have any clue of what is going to happen. The plan was that my dad will invite my mom to watch a movie and after that he will pretend that his friend is inviting them to a wedding anniversary.


As soon as we got home, I've prepared the Scrapbook that I still have to bind (yes, not yet done heheheh) and went to my friend's salon for a Hot Oil and Pedicure. I was in a rush because the party will start at 6 and I still have to finish the scrapbook. I have to go back to our house to dress up, get the prizes for the games and the DVD player to be set up at the place by 4pm.

After the salon, I went home right away and my parents are about to leave already. Everyone at the house except me, my sis and my dad doesn't know anything about the party. I've only informed them when my parents left. Of course they were all surprised and were in a hurry to dress up. That's the only time I was able to prepare all the stuffs for the party.


It was raining hard that day and we're really worried that some of our guests might not come and true enough that some of them sent us a text message that they cannot make it because of the rain. Good thing though that the venue we have wasn't an outdoor. It's funny that My auntie who is from malinta told me that if the rain will not stop, they might not come. Thank God that at about 3 pm the rain stopped and they were the first one to arrive at the venue, 1 hour prior to the time of the party.


By 6 pm all the guests started coming in. I'm always updating my dad to let him know if we're all ready. I called him up pretending as his friend, he was talking as if I'm really his friend. Of course I was just listening to him and laughing. At the same time Ate Mai, the party host is giving updates to the guests about where my mom is, and that we have to wait because it was really a surprise and they just finished watching the movie. The scrapbook I've made was passed around so they wouldn't get bored. Finally, after I talked to my dad, he sent me a text message that they are on their way already so I've given him an instruction to give me a missed call once they arrive at the venue and that he should escort my mom to the function room where we are waiting. After about 30 mins, I got a missed call from my dad, we dimmed all the lights and gathered at the center to welcome my mom. But then I got another call and this time it's from my mom, she told me that they are going to a party and we shouldn't wait them for dinner Hahahaha, she doesn't have any clue that I'm not home.

Since the room's light was dimmed we saw them approaching our place and when my dad opened the door we turned on all the lights and sang a Happy Birthday for my mom. We let her blow the candle and give us a message. She was really surprised!!! Everybody was there, all her friends, my aunties and cousins! She was happy and didn't really expect it. We have chosen 6 persons to say something about her in each decades of her life. Some of them even cried while giving their message. We played his favorite songs mostly 60's and 70's. Ate Mai, our party host, rendered bossa nova songs for her. Me, my sis and brother gave her messages and wishes, my dad being the finale. We had games too, including trivia. We played the "Bring Me" game, things that would relate to my mom's personality example: mataray na kilay, ATM card because she's kuripot etc. We asked if anyone from the guests whose birthday is also December and gave her a small cake.

My parents danced at the last part of the party.

We all had a great time and It was really a memorable one for my mom.


The party was held at the Albergus catered by Pandan Seafood and Grill. The motif was Gold and Red that complimented the room's color. It was a beautiful place and the location is very accessible.


Pandan Seafood and Grill catered the party. The buffet includes 16 native dishes, 3 International dishes, Mongolian bar, appetizer and dessert station. Bottomless Drinks plus no corkage fee on 3 bottles of wine.

The Cake was made by Shoppesville Bakeshop. It was a 3 Tiered, double cake with 2 separate small round cakes.


The Party was hosted by a very good friend, Mrs. Myra Solis-Francisco, an event organizer, a party host and singer. She also owns the NEA Salon that specializes hair and make-up for weddings and debuts. You may contact her at 09062674825.

The INVITATION. I made the invitation using the Scrapbookflair. Downloadable at I've printed out 30 copies of 4x6 size costing me only P100.

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