Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

This time of last year, I have focused myself to 3 major goals.

1. To graduate from Nursing on April
2. Have a baby
3. Pass the Board Exam on June

I'm proud to achieve numbers 1 and 3. I really wanna get pregnant but maybe it's not yet God's plan for me. HE's got a better plan and I know HE will give us our little angel in HIS perfect time. I believe that if got pregnant last year I might not be able to take the Board exam last June. My husband came for a vacation last summer and if I got preggy I won't be able to concentrate my review. Anyway, I've realized that you can't really have everything. Looking back I can say it's still a mission accomplished because I have achieved 2 goals out of 3!

And my major goals for this year? I won't say until it's done but surely getting pregnant is one of those hehehe!

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idealpinkrose said...

i agree! it's all through God's plan...just leave everything to him because He knows what is best for us!