Friday, February 1, 2008

Para sa iyo...

I can't let this day pass w/o writing this. A fellow blogger and a good friend is celebrating his bday today and i want to make him happy that's why I thought of writing this for him...

A month ago I saw a message in my shoutbox saying he's added me to his link partners and hoping that I could link him back. I visited his website and thought that it was just a marketing blog. His blog was called Make Money Online. I never thought that I'll be visiting his blog very often until one time my friend here, idealpinkrose, asked me to vote for her on the same site. Hmmmp! the guy is hosting a competition at his blog aside from making money online hahahaha! That's interesting! From then on I often visit his site to vote for my friend and found out that he will host another competition known as Mapiles Blog Cup. Yup I'm a part of it and the man behind the controversial Blog Cup and the popular site was Joliber P. Mapiles, A 23 year old Engineer. A very young man who's making a big name in the blogosphere.

I have posted his link for the Mapiles Blog Cup here and never thought that he would feel guilty for not giving back the favor to me and because of that he gave me a link of love entitled I’m guilty beyond reasonable doubt.. . Ang sweet nya diba? hehehehe.

Anyway, he's celebrating his bday today and this post is my gift to him. I am also giving him this award

Joliber, Happy Bday and I hope you'll be more successful in all your plans and goals in life.