Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Neri Is Too Afraid to Tell the Public, and Why

In the past few weeks J-Lo better known as Engr. Jun Lozada had been very controversial and popular due to his connection with the NBN-ZTE Scam. He had revealed lots of informations about the ZTE deal that should have been heard from CHED Chairman Romulo Neri. I know that most of us are looking forward for more revelations in the days to come. And since it is the best interest of most people to know what is the truth behind the so-called Scam, we should take part in praying and hoping for the truth to come out.

There was an article posted at Pinoy Press saying that J-Lo wrote an email to Vicente “Enteng” Romano III of the Black and White Movement sometime in October. It's about his knowledge regarding the NBN-ZTE Deal. The said article was entitled What Neri Is Too Afraid to Tell the Public, and Why. They claim that the statements here came from J-Lo but it has not been authenticated nor signed by him. It's up to us to judge if we believe it or not.

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idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, i've got something for you here.

belated happy hearts day and happy friday!

EMOTERA said...

i really think JLO have no reason to lie and just invent some stupid story to the Filipino people. Pag konsensya talaga umatake - you have no other choice but to say the TRUTH.

Lorie said...

I definitely agree with you sis!